In the words of Davie Bowie, I also fell for Berlin...

There is no other city like Berlin, anywhere in the world.  The city is a haven for creatives, eccentrics and individuals from all walks of life,  just like it always has been - all coexisting and living their lives...

Having seen more pain in its past than any city should endure, it still managed to emerge triumphantly as a city with so much love


Berlin, the capital of Germany has such a history, that much of todays tourism and revenue for the city is made from their past.  From the World Wars, to the Berlin Wall and the divided city, most of these elements you can still learn about when in Berlin



east & west

Whilst very little evidence of the wall now exists, the former east and west sides of Berlin look and feel very different. The former route of the Berlin Wall is now marked with a line of bricks, so look out for these when you are in Berlin

Line of bricks marking the former route of the Berlin Wall


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