10 Reasons to Love Lofoten

I'm heading back to Lofoten in September, and while I don't want to wish the year away, I can't wait to return

This will be my 6th visit and each time I head back I fall in love with the place just a little bit more

These would be my top 10 reasons to visit Lofoten - but there are a thousand more reasons why you should visit this beautiful part of the world

Make sure you visit before everyone else does....


1 - The beaches

The beaches in Lofoten are stunning, and more often than not you'll be the only one there....

2 - The solitude

The solitude is immense, but it never feels like you're alone - not when you're this close to nature. if you want to switch off this is the ultimate place to do so

3 - The cute huts

They are all over the place and great to photograph, along with the Rorbuer's - traditional fisherman's huts - they really add colourful character to Lofoten. This one must be the most photographed in Norway!

4 - The northern lights

No words needed - Lofoten is the perfect place to see Lady Aurora - this is from the balcony of my favourite place to stay, Reinefjorden Sjøhus, link in the travel guide

5 - The sunsets 

Sunsets in Lofoten are spectacular - and this image is pretty much straight off the camera, no added colour just a 30 second exposure, and I was standng in the same place as the northern lights photo above

6 - The sunrises

These are just as spectacular as the sunsets - make sure you get up to see them, it is the most beautiful time of the day

7 - Four seasons in 1 week

You could well get four seasons in 1 week - this was the following day to the photo above - you just never know what you will get

8 - The hikes

You can walk and hike for hours - the scenery is always spectacular

9 - Water reflections

These are just insane - the reflections can be like a mirror

10 - This view

The picture postcard, iconic view of lofoten - Hamnøy. it was this exact view that first drew me to Lofoten - its been shot by many, but its always breathtaking, and for sure i will photograph it again in September. It will leave you breathless....

What are you waiting for?