Reality Bites

2018 has been a great year for my travel adventures and photography. I’ve visited several place for the first time such as Lake Bled in Slovenia, Hallstatt in Austria and Palma in Spain, as well as returning to some of my favourite destinations such as Berlin, Oslo, Paris and the Lofoten Islands

I’ve also invested in developing my photography with a photoshop course which gave me a basic understanding of how to make the most of my photos in post production, which I’ve really enjoyed and have had great fun revisiting old photos that I hadn’t previously had the knowledge of how to perfect to a level I was proud of

So, reflecting back on the first 10 months of the year - 2018 has been a good year

And while losing myself in daydream reflections of my 2018 adventures I find myself on a busy London tube fighting with everyone else on the morning commute and reality bites…

But the trips that allow me to practice my creativity help to keep me sane and hungry to work harder to save more money to plan my next trips

So what’s next?  Well after starving myself of Berliner Pilsner this year I have another few trips to Berlin before the year end and also a pre-Christmas trip to Oslo, and a very early 2019 trip back to Lake Bled, with the intention of seeing it crowned in Snow

And then - who knows but when reality bites the travel planning and adventure seeking kicks in so I have no doubt there’ll be more trips planned very soon...