Thank You 2018

2018 is almost at a close and once again I find myself in the city I consider my second home, Berlin. Less cold this year than in the past but Berlin still feels amazing, whatever time of the year I’m here

I recently compiled a retrospective Travel Log covering the last 10 years. I now seem to travel so often either for holidays, photography trips or for work that it’s easy to forget when I went where, and once I looked at all 18 trips from 2018 I began to understand why sometimes one trips blurs into another

Which made me ask the question - is there such a thing as too much travel? I know in 2015 I really felt it was too much - as additional to the travels listed I was also away from home with work a lot that year and it wasn’t until August that I spent longer that 2 weeks in my own bed 

I love to travel more and more. I’m always inspired by places and photos I see others posting on social media and I’m also a creature of habit who gets pleasure from heading back to the same places again and again. So by the time I’ve fitted in new destinations and also return visits the trips just mount up

My plans for 2019 are just a few so far. I know I will get back to many of my favourite places but also have some new destinations planned - and I’m sure 2019 will bring many new and unexpected adventures

I will try and make the most of all my travels and maximise my time away from my job

Rather than just planning for the next trip I will try harder to live in the moment and the now

Anyway, a Berliner Pilsner calls

Wishing you a Happy New Year and safe, exciting travels in 2019