My Perfect Lofoten Trip

I’m often asked about tips for visiting Lofoten. When would I suggest a visit? Where would I stay?  What to expect? I have several pages on Lofoten in my travel guide section which has a lot of general information - but I started to think - what would my perfect trip look like? 

The perfect Lofoten Landscape

Just supposing mother nature and all the elements worked perfectly how would I plan my dream trip? 

If I hoped for snow I would plan a trip in February the snowiest month.  If I wanted to hike and worry less about getting around I would plan a trip for September.

Both of these months can be amazing and you would likely see the Northern Lights - if the sky is clear at night.  I normally plan my trip around the new moon when the sky is darkest, with the hope of seeing even better northern lights.

I’d fly from the UK with Scandinavian Air so I can check my bags in for my first flight and collect them at my final destination, as getting to Lofoten will take 3 flights - London Heathrow > Olso > Bodø > Leknes.  If you fly other airlines it’s almost impossible to make the trip in 1 day.  Coming back is a lot quicker than going, if you have long in Bodø airport then they have quite nice food in the restaurant.

In Oslo airport I’d collect some alcohol duty free for the stay and in Bodø I’d make sure I’m the first to board to get a window seat at the back to see the views flying into Lofoten - but this is just a 20 minute flight.

I’d prebook a car hire to collect form Leknes airport.  Driving in lofoten is really simple, and once out of the airport you will find yourself on the E10 - the only main road in Lofoten.

I’d take a right and follow the A10 in the direction of the village at the end of the E10 - Å - which is about an hour drive - unless you continually stop to see the breathtaking scenery then it could take a lot longer

Damperiet 1 apartment

I would stop at Skagsanden Beach for a quick stroll along the beach, then drive to Ramberg and stop at the Bunnpris supermarket to collect provisions, then continue along the E10 to where I’m staying - at Reinefjorden Sjøhus which I would book directly and request Damperiet 1, which can sleep unto 6 people and has the most incredible views. You have a full kitchen and views over Reinjforden and the iconic mountains. 2 beds are in the room with a very steep ladder up - but this apartment is perfect for 6 people, or even if there aren’t 6 of you this would still be the room I’d request.

I would head for dinner at Maren Anna which is 15 minutes away by car or I would walk to Krambua restaurant on Hamnøy.

Once I got back to Reinefjorden Sjøhus I would turn the lights down, pour some wine and wait for the Northern Lights to make an appearance - and by simply opening up the balcony door - if they are there this will be your view…

The balcony view from Damperiet 1 - if you’re lucky

The following morning I would wake for the first signs of sunrise and head out to enjoy these scenes. The one on the left is outside your front door and the other one a 5 minute walk away - and if you were exceptionally lucky you might only have 10 other photographers on Hamnøy bridge!

Both images are from the same sunrise on Hamnøy

One the sun was starting to hit the mountains in Reinefjorden I’d head back for some breakfast and enjoy the view. I’d then set out for the day visiting some of my favourite places such as driving to Å, Visiting the beaches of Haukland, Uttakleive and Bunes and just general exploring.

And I’d make sure I had time for coffee and cake in Bringen coffee house.

Yep - this would be my perfect trip…