A Berlin Love Affair

Berlin is always good idea, or so I say.

I have an absolute love affair with Berlin that I don’t think will be ending anytime soon, however as much as I love Berlin, visiting immediately after Oslo meant I really noticed the rawness of the city. 

The graffiti, the dirt, the homeless and the general grittiness of Berlin which makes it the city it is felt magnified after enjoying the beauty of Oslo just hours before.

Normally  when I visit Berlin it takes a few days to settle into the vibe of the city, and this time it was the same.  While I mainly stayed in Schoneburg I did venture to Mitte for dinner twice, Cookies Cream which has become my new favourite restaurant - which has been awarded a Michelin Star since my last visit - as well as Concceni’s Italian in Soho House, both which were wonderful and I would highly recommend.

Berlin will continue to hold a special fondness to me for many reasons and I will be back there in just over a month which I am already looking forward to.

After this trip I’ve realised that I still love Berlin, just as she is…

Berlin, with beauty everywhere 

Berlin, with beauty everywhere